• San Francisco in 1854

There are four officers of the San Francisco Corral:

Sheriff who does what is usually done by the president of an organization. Conducts the meetings and keeps the organization on track.

The Trail Boss arranges the meeting locations, speakers and outings for the group and provides the information to the Inkslinger, who produces the monthly newsletter.

Keeper of the Chips is the treasurer . . . handles RSVPs for the meetings, deposits the checks, pays the bills, etc.

Registrar of Marks & Brands handles the raffle at the meetings...keeps track of the books which are the prizes, raffle tickets, etc. They also assist in providing the audio/visual needs for the speakers.

Representative is the past president who provides advice and guidance based upon their experience as they proceeded through the chairs of the office. They also serve as contact with other Corrals and Westerners International.

Inkslinger . . . as mentioned, produces the monthly newsletter.